What we’re offering and doing at Mint to promote healthy eating and living.

At Mint we are committed to becoming involved in conversations around eating and wellness and keeping up to date with the latest developments in our field.

Estella on going grey

When Estella was invited to be take part in a story for the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly on why she decided to let her hair go grey, she jumped at the opportunity.


It aligned perfectly with her approach to how she lives her life now - embracing her body as it is - its size, shape and the way it’s changing as she ages. For her, choosing her natural hair colour is very much about self-acceptance - it’s something she’s found very freeing.

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Mint takes part in Evolu’s wellness podcast series

Botanical skincare company Evolu invited Estella to be interviewed for an episode of their podcast series, Keys to Self-Care. As Mint Nutrition shares a similar commitment to embracing all areas of wellness, it felt like a good match. Estella also happens to love the Evolu brand.

Evolu founder Kati Kasza chose to talk to Estella about Mint’s Intuitive Eating Programme - a non-diet approach to eating that encourages us to listen to our bodies for cues as to when, what and how we should eat.

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Mint dietitians offer special workshops for parents of pre-schoolers

In April, Kate Syers and Estella Leek underwent training at La Trobe University in Melbourne to become facilitators of the ground-breaking Confident Body, Confident Child Programme. The Programme draws on findings from research that looked at how we can create a family environment that helps children aged 2-6 years develop healthy body image and eating patterns. Kate and Estella have launched the Programme at Mint. It is a great addition to the work they already do in their practice with parents of babies, toddlers and young children. 
The Confident Body, Confident Child Programme is a group workshop and sessions will be held at times that are convenient for most parents.

Contact us to learn more about the Confident Body, Confident Child Programme.