There’s a Mint Nutrition treatment plan for everyone and every body.

At Mint Nutrition, all our treatment plans and packages are adapted to suit you. We recommend a course of treatment following a thorough assessment that takes into account any health conditions and challenges you may have. We discuss your goals, making sure they’re achievable and safe.  

We strongly suggest all clients undergo a full assessment and at least two follow-up sessions and attend our innovative and very beneficial Mint Intuitive Eating Programme (MIEP). In order to make changes to your eating, it’s important to change the unhelpful behaviours that are contributing to poor eating habits. Most clients tell us that without the MIEP, they would not have had the same amazing results.


Our standard rates for customised nutrition coaching are:

  • Nutrition assessment (up to 90 minutes) $190

  • One-hour follow-up session $160

  • 45-minute follow-up session $130

  • 30-minute follow-up session $100

    Follow-up sessions can be conducted via Skype or FaceTime.



No package is standard because each is designed especially for you, however, we could describe this package as introductory as we consider it essential for anyone who wishes to start making changes to their eating.

It comprises

  • a nutrition assessment

  • one-hour follow-up sessions comprising analyses of your food intake to determine which nutrients may be missing from your diet

  • a 45-minute follow-up session

As medically trained nutritionists, we are able to support you to make sure your diet is as good as it can be given your state of health. We provide you with the best dietary advice to manage your health, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight issues, hormonal disturbances and so forth.

During the winter months we can advise you on how to optimise your intake of foods that can help fight off or reduce the severity of colds, coughs, sniffles and other winter ailments.

Price: $190 for the assessment, $160 or $130 each for the two follow-up sessions (duration depending on programme)



How happy are your hormones? If they’re out of balance, it can have a big effect on our body and how we feel.

Did you know that hormones such as insulin, leptin, oestrogen, testosterone, cortisol and those produced by our thyroid can influence our appetite, digestion, metabolism and body fat distribution? As dietitians we know how important it is to make sure your hormones are checked regularly. If we detect imbalances, we can advise on how you can regulate them.

Sign up for our HAPPY HORMONE SPECIAL and you’ll pay $150 instead of the usual $190 for the initial assessment.

big event nutrition package

Ideally suited to mother and daughter, wedding parties such as bride and bridesmaids, and couples and friends. We know you'll be wanting to be at your best for that special event. The key is to start 6 months before the big day so it can be achieved in a relaxed manner. This package is delivered to two people though we're open to group work. 

As a guide, we assess each person individually for $190 and then provide them with a programme they can do together.


This programme offers a non-diet approach to weight management alongside normalising your thoughts and feelings about food.

You will develop skills to

  • understand when, what and why you eat

  • manage your weight without dieting

  • fully tune into what you want and need to eat

  • give yourself permission to choose to eat any food and understand and respect practices around portion size

  • derive maximum enjoyment from food and engage in social eating in any situation without worry or guilt

  • liberate yourself from a diet mentality

  • untangle unhelpful associations between food and emotions

We also offer a MIEP for Kids. Help them develop a positive relationship with food early.

Price: $190 for the nutrition assessment and then $160 for a one-hour education session followed by 6 skills-based sessions for $780


This special package for parents of babies, toddlers or children provides you with the tools and knowledge to feed and excite your children for a variety of foods. It gives you confidence to manage your family’s and children’s eating.

You’ll learn

  • how, what and when to feed your baby, toddler or child

  • how to provide nutrient-rich foods based on analyses of their food intake

  • how to become a positive role model where eating is concerned

  • what to do or say to support them in their eating or if they’re not eating

  • help if you’re worried about your teenager becoming vegan or vegetarian

  • guidance if your child is a fussy eater or has low-grade eating behaviour problems

  • how to provide simple nutritious food for your child at school

Price: $190 for the nutrition assessment and then $160 for a one-hour education session followed by 3 skills-based sessions for $390


We work with your business to empower individuals and teams to adopt fresh thinking about their nutrition and to improve their performance and health. Mint Nutrition for Business is great as a team-building exercise and is as informative as it is fun.

Depending on your priorities and time, we can offer one of more of the following

  • a Mint Intuitive Eating Programme Away Package (a half or full day of training)

  • Mint Intuitive Eating Programme seminars (two hours each)

  • in-house catering warrant of fitness to fine-tune your workplace foodservice



Learn how to promote positive body image, healthy eating and physical activity in your children 2 to 6 years. As certified facilitators of the Confident Body, Confident Child Programme, we are offering parents and caregivers the opportunity to participate in this innovative evidence-based Programme developed by researchers from the School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe University in Melbourne. 

To create an environment at home in which your child can develop body satisfaction and healthy eating patterns, attend one of our Confident Body, Confident Child group workshops in Auckland. We’ll do our best to choose times that are convenient for most parents.

Contact us to learn more and to express your interest in the next Confident Body, Confident Child workshop.